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What is Potentiam?

Potentiam is a music platform governed by the users where the rewards are distributed between all those that bring value to it without the need for middlemen.

Our Story

The founders of Potentiam have worked in music management for a number of years and realise and understand the difficulties involved in promoting new emerging music artists. In 2016 they founded a music publication Britznbeatz to help discover and promote musicians which continues to gain respect and recognition in the industry.

Our Vision

Potentiam was created to give a voice to emerging artists, content writers in the music world and all those who strive to make it possible. Aimed at propagating the scenes untapped talent, the platforms core function is to bring fresh faces to light through varying interactions within the music industry. Taking out the Middle men, offering the same service at a fraction of the price thereby allowing the artists to earn more, and also importantly giving the public a chance to equally earn and benefit from proceeds of the music industry.


As a decentralized public ledger sitting on top of a peer-to-peer network, the blockchain can be used to store information without relying on any intermediary, but relying instead on the contribution of every peer in the network in order to deploy a fully decentralized database, whose security and integrity is ensured by cryptographic algorithms.

$30 BillionTarget Market

digital sales – 7.9 billion


physical sales – $ 5.3 billion

sync licensing – $ 314 million

live performance – $ 9.3 billion

broadcast tv/radio – $ 2.2 billion

marketing & talent curation – $ 4.5 billion

Music Industry

The Music Business Is More Unfair Than Ever

The global music industry generates about ~$30 Billion. Of the revenue generated, about 85-90% gets paid out to the middlemen.

The Problem

The Problem

The current structure of the music industry concentrates power in the hands of relatively few middlemen, i.e. record labels and their subsidiaries. Labels invest around $4.5 billion annually into marketing and A&R, and in turn are still gateways between creatives and potential commercial success.

But not only do they determine which creatives are promoted to a wider audience, those fortunate enough to achieve commercial success will be lucky to see 10% of the revenue generated from the proceeds of their creations. In short, the problem is the structure of the industry itself.

Its outdated institutions not only restrict growth but also consume a majority of the wealth the industry generates.

Potentiam Coin

The Solution

The chain of transactions present in the music industry from the use of middlemen will be replaced with the use of smart contracts (self-executing digital contracts) via the blockchain. This offers a safer, transparent, and cost effective solution.

A social network where composers and performers can create their own accounts to advertise themselves, seek out other artists for collaboration.

A catalog management suite where artists can manage their content, including associated copyrights, that has been created within or outside of Potentiam Core.

Potentiam Core will be four main distribution modules. Digital sales, physical sales, Sync Licensing and P.R.O./broadcast royalties. There will also be a live performance module which connects performers with promoters.

Why Should I BuyPTM Tokens?

Potentiam PTM tokens are the platform’s backbone and will serve as the medium of exchange for all platform transactions.

As Potentiam will eliminate the need for middlemen, PTM token holders have an opportunity to directly control and benefit from the rewards of the music industry.

  • PTM owners have the option to stake their tokens in the Potentiam Vault which will earn them special rights and privileges (50% of platform fees generated).
  • Because PTM tokens are staked it limits the amount in supply.
  • The Global Independent artists market is huge and growing meaning the utility of PTM tokens will increase surpassing supply. Providing potential for growth.
  • PTM holders can crowdfund music artists projects.


Potentiam already has over 5000 independent artists from all over the globe being onboard for a private alpha.


Between the cofounders of Potentiam, and their advisors, there are over 75 years of experience in the music industry.

4 & 4

The Potentiam advising team is unrivalled with their 4 grammy nominations, and 4 Billboard top 100 produced songs.


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DIGITAL PRODUCTION STUDIO Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Tick Cross Cross
MARKETING & PROMOTION Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Tick Cross
ASPIRING ARTIST CROWFUNDING Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross
DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Cross Tick Tick
PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Tick Tick
SYNC LICENSING Tick Cross Cross Cross Tick Tick Tick Tick
PUBLIC PERORMANCE LICENSING Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Tick Tick
GIG FINDER Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Tick Cross Tick
BLOCKCHAIN Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Cross Cross Cross
FAIR PLAYBACK ALGORITHM Tick Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross


Potentiam Founded

Britznbeatz.co.uk emerging artist showcase platform founded in 2016 With 150,000 Subscribers.




Potentiam Alpha Launched

In November, Potentiam launched their first Alpha product. Just one month after launching, Potentiam has already onboarded over 5000 artists to test.


Token Sale

The Token Sale will conclude either at the end of six weeks or when the hardcap has been reached. At this point the Potentiam team will begin to onboard more developers.




Potentiam Beta Release

Potentiam Beta Version release and Testing of: Potentiam Core & Classic Modules Booking Agent Artist Crowfunding Module Digital and Physical Distribution


Potentiam Full Release

Test data will be cleared and Potentiam will be live.


Meet The Team

Marcus O Adetola Chief Executive Officer

Marcus O AdetolaChief Executive Officer

Marcus ventured into the music industry managing emerging artists and witnessed the tremendous difficulties present. Being one who does not see obstacles only opportunities, he founded Britznbeatz a UK music discovery music platform. He is an all-round entrepreneur and a problem ​solver.

Daniel Itorho

Daniel ItorhoChief Operating Officer

Daniel has a diverse background ranging from entrepreneur, investor, growth hacker, and technophile. He has a strategic and creative mindset and is enthusiastic about discovering innovative solutions.

Ali Zain

Ali ZainChief Technical Officer

Ali Zain has over a decade of experience in Full-Stack application development. He is an expert in blockchain, cryptocurrency & ICO development. He also co-founded Ideofuzion.

Edmund PetersChief Information Officer

Edmund has worked in the IT sector for over a decade with broad ranging experience from overseeing and managing all aspects of IT design to deployment of corporate information systems. His various roles within this sector include collaborating with executive teams to design strategies and utilizing state of the art technology to enhance business.
He has senior management responsibility handling IT departments and supervising company employees with full P&L as well as looking after systems security and business continuity. Edmund has a hands on approach in resolving escalated system issues utilizing in-house staff and third party consultants.

Sunny Osea

Sunny OseaSocial Media Marketing Manager

Sunny has a degree in business administration which she recieved from her local community college. She has spent most of her youth traveling and marketing her own business Star Struck Stones at music festivals around the US. She is an avid music listener and blockchain aficionado . Sunny is an active admin in the women in blockchain international groups. She is very enthusiastic and posseses strong conceptual, interpersonal and organizational skills.

Destiny Algbe

Destiny AigbeSecurities Attorney | Going Public Lawyer | ICO Lawyer

Destiny is a U.S. securities lawyer. He focuses his practice on public offerings/going public transactions, reverse mergers, initial coin offerings (ICOs), private placements, mergers & acquisitions, public company filings, PIPEs, secondary offerings and other corporate finance work in the middle market/microcap space. He is also involved in the formation or revival of public shells as vehicles for going public transactions.

Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner​Advisor

Music industry leader Daniel Lerner is a 4 time Grammy winning engineer. He has worked with the likes of Daft Punk, Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart and Pharrell Williams. Daniel started his career working on music for dozens of films including TRON:Legacy, 3 Bourne films, Mr & Mrs Smith and Happy Feet. Daniel mixes and records film scores in his state of the art studio based in Los Angeles and also produces emerging music artists.

Peter J Nelson

Peter J Nelson​Advisor

Mr. Nelson is the current managing director of marketing for Pro Motion, America’s oldest independent music promotion firm. Clients consist of independent and established recording artists & songwriters on major record labels, including Columbia Records, Warner Bros, RCA, and Atlantic Records. Possesses an exceptional ability to discover/recruit talent and develop partnerships.

Kim Barsegyan

Kim BarsegyanAdvisor

Kim is a visionary designer who specializes in logo/brand identity and UI/UX/web design. Working with diverse businesses worldwide, he applies the best practices in visual design, psychology, and imagination to help conquer human hearts and minds.

Stefano Pauello

Stefano PaluelloAdvisor

Stefano Paluello Polyglot developer and experienced technical manager with more than 15 years of experience in the IT market. Former Microsoft SDE and founder/early employee of different startups, one of the first involved in the Blockchain for Enterprise space, based in London and Vancouver. Nowadays working as Blockchain consultant and Tech Advisor/CTO for fintech startup(s) (using Blockchain or DLTs as well.

Paul Renshaw Advisor

Paul RenshawAdvisor

16 years IT industry experience.Global Head of Sales at Clearvision (Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner)Crypto & Blockchain investor and adviser Customers & Teams in:UK, USA, Ireland, India, Central Europe, South AfricaFor the last 6 years Paul has been focused purely on Software,As a huge advocate of Open Source, Blockchain, BTC, Bitcoin, Paul is passionate about how “Software can and WILL change the World’, Paul is a World Leader in Atlassian, working with some of the World’s most famous organizations on large scale change programs, helping & advising them on technology, software, process, support, hosting and best practice configuration alongside offering industry leading Platforms from the Clearvision Team.

Brooks Clifford Advisor

Brooks CliffordAdvisor

Brooks first discovered bitcoin in 2013 while working at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and has been obsessed with crypto currencies ever since. Bitcoin combines his two favorite subjects; technology and finance and he loves discussing both sides of the world. Brooks founded DCI Capital Advisors, LLC a private investment group. Their mission is to provide exception returns for investors within the crypto-currency space.

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